Answer to exam query

A number of students have asked me to post a couple of essay questions with a few ideas on how to address them.

The question below is one for short stories and those of you in Years 12 and 13 might like to have a look at it.

Discuss the techniques writers used in two or more short stories to communicate their theme or message.

This is a broad question and it would be easy to try and address a number of techniques and then end up with a superficial response. Stick to a couple of techniques, e.g. contrast and imagery. It may also be wise to use short stories that can be linked thematically.

Another short story question:

Compare and contrast at least two short stories with similar themes.

Again try and establish a thematic link between the stories. Try to point out the universal significance of the theme you have chosen.  Then establish that there are both similarities and contrasts between the two texts.


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