Spelling City


I have just had a quick play with Spelling City an online spelling program.

Spelling City is an online spelling program that promises to make practicing for spelling tests fun. SpellingCity.com has:

– Over 35,000 spelling words and eight spelling games.
– A real person who says each word and sentence.
– Thousands of free spelling lists. Or you can save your own.

It is worth a play.

Try this list on Harry Potter words.


One thought on “Spelling City

  1. hey, just writing to say that spelling city is currently not working. so if u want 2 update ur website, um, just go ahead. anyway, i am a big fan of spelling city and i was QUITE dissapointed when i saw that it is currently offline. i think that it really makes students from maybe ages 6- 10 think about and learn their especially challenging words. i really appreciate the support of all my friends and family if any of them is reading this. THANKS SO MUCH ADRIANA!!!AND U 2 PETE, (aka rockmonster)
    alright, boogyman123, OUT!!!!

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