Recent additions to the Chambers Slang Dictionary

Back in 1984, Jonathon Green sat down to compile a dictionary of contemporary slang. It would, he thought, be an interesting project, one that might take him a few months, possibly even a year. But things didn’t quite work out that way. Nearly a quarter of a century later, he’s still at it. His first slang dictionary was praised at the time for its extensive array of 11,500 entries. In Green’s latest work, Chambers Slang Dictionary, there are more than 11,500 entries for the letter S alone. The Chambers Slang Dictionary has recently been updated and there are even some New Zealand examples among the new entries. Here is a taste:

all hunched up like a dog on a bag of staples phr. [2000s] (N.Z.) extremely uncomfortable.

are your arms and legs painted on? phr. [2000s] (N.Z.) a phr. used to denigrate one who is seen as lazy.

babbling (brook) adj. [rhy. sl. = CROOK adj.] [2000s] (N.Z.) unwell.

b.o.f. n. [abbr. boring old fart] [2000s] a tedious, conventional, killjoy older person.

chateau Taranaki n. [TARANAKI adj.] [2000s] (N.Z.) beer.

The next one is my favourite and I am sure those of you that enjoy ‘Little Britain’ will understand the reference:

Croydon facelift n. [2000s] a UK female hairstyle which pulls the hair back tightly from the face, supposedly giving the effect of a facelift; stereotyped as that of working-class young women.


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