Year 9 and 10 exams

The Year 10 exam is next week and one section is Formal Writing. I have added a piece of writing written in exam conditions by a Year 10 student. The writing has developed ideas, it uses a controlled writing style, it is clearly structured and accurate.

Family / whanau are more important than friends

To say that family is more important than friends is being rather naïve to the way today’s society works. That is not to say that family is unimportant, it is not, but friends are just as important as well.

The saying goes that you can pick your friends but not your family. Families provide love and support, but cannot always provide the acceptance a friend can. Friends choose each other because they have mutual feelings about things. Families don’t choose each other; they are born with each other, clashes in opinion included.

While it is true that you can escape your family if things get hard, it would be difficult for a teenager to do so. In these years, the generation gap is at its most stretched which makes things at home especially hard with family.

It is during this time that friendships are either cemented or lost. Friends provide buffers and are supported during hard times, so are families. However friends are more likely to be on the same wave-length than a parent, whom is thirty-years older than you, is likely to be.

Humans are social animals: they are designed to seek out people for friendship. One cannot disregard thousands of years of evolution to say that family is more important than the people that make life sparkle.

Family is important: it is a foundation, a safety net even. It can provide many things that friends can and is the basis of all society. However, interlinked with this is the idea of friendship, something that has the same power to build or destroy, much like family.

Perhaps, rather than saying friends are better, or family is more important, it would be more accurate to say that love knows no boundaries. Friends can be family in every way save blood. Family can be the best of friends for individuals as well. These two concepts are not just ‘close’ they are virtually inseparable.


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