How to make the marker happy

Very soon you will be sitting your English exams, so how do you make the marker happy?

  • Handwriting needs to be clear. Write with a blue or black pen – leave the pink glitter one at home!
  • Appropriate style – formal writing is required.
  • Remember proper nouns have capitals.
  • Spell the title of the text correctly and get the author’s name right!
  • Use apostrophes correctly.
  • Use the correct booklet – that means write about the film in the visual text booklet and so on.
  • Have a clear introduction that sets the essay’s direction.
  • Choose a question that suits your text.
  • Don’t try and drop in a memorised essay and hope it fits!
  • Don’t just retell the plot.
  • Use paragraphs. Use them correctly.
  • Don’t use slang or text language. OMG PLSE!
  • Answer the question. ANSWER THE QUESTION!

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