Feedback on Kite Runner Essays

Thank you to the students who have sent me essays on The Kite Runner. I have enjoyed reading them and I thought I would share some of the ideas from the essays. It has been wonderful to note how many of you have really engaged with the text and made insightful comments.

I have paraphrased some of your ideas below:

  • A common thread in the essays is Baba’s role as a cause of Amir’s weakness of character. As he is such a dominant person he shapes people around him. If Baba truly lived by his definition of moral courage he would have been more open and this would have given Amir the strength to behave differently. Many of you saw Baba’s pride and his lack of honesty as a cause of Amir’s weaknesses. However, several of you have noted that Baba is a product of his environment and that Hosseini is suggesting that it is time for Afghanistan to move away from its past ways.
  • The ending was discussed in some essays. Is it a satisfying one? We know that Hassan is dead, he has lost close friends, his family is gone and he is childless. Is this a happy ending? However, if we look at things from another perspective we see that he has saved Sohrab and brought him to America and finally redeemed himself. Is it more true to life to have such an ambiguous ending? What we do know is that the final scene in the book is a reversal of Amir and Hassan’s kite flying days. Amir is now the kite runner for Sohrab. He is a good man. He has atoned. He has redemption.

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