Level 2 post-mortem

The Level two exam is over and I have heard mainly positive comments about the papers. Do you have any comments that you would like to make?


9 thoughts on “Level 2 post-mortem

  1. How happy I was to see a conflict question for Kite Runner! YUSS! Schindler questions weren’t too bad. But i agree with Bron, Poetry was pretty bad.

  2. I liked the poetry actually. It’s the one I was able to write the most for. The Kite Runner one I didn’t really bother on. However I have learned something: Leaving exams early is a great way to relieve stress.

    Also, thanks for the study notes they were actually very helpful. Well, the small amount I read was, at least.

  3. Never ever ever use the same question for two different essays. Writing the word “conflict” becomes really really boring after two minutes.

  4. I got a pretty good vibe from the poetry SA. I cant believe i wrote four pages on symbolic imagery!
    Very pleased with the Exam. Cheers for the wetpaint study guides.

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