I saw the film Earth today it and it is a very impressive wildlife film. No shot is less than dazzling, most are beautiful and many are stunning. There are striking images of whales cavorting in the oceans, rivers crashing down mountain-height waterfalls, cherry trees blossoming in time-lapse and many other wonders are complimented admirably by the authoritative tones of narrator Patrick Stewart. The film concentrates on a few animal characters in order to take the viewer on a rough journey from the North to the South Pole over a year. There’s a polar bear family, with cute fluffy cubs sliding in the snow, a herd of Kalahari elephants trudging across dry land to reach water and a humpback whale and her calf journey halfway across the world.

This stunning film also has a very strong message about global warming: act now, or scenes such as these will soon be pure fantasy.


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