Level One NCEA questions on an extended text

Over the holidays Year 11 students should be revising their work on extended texts if they have studied one.

In the exam you might be asked about:

  1. how a character changes and develops
  2. a character’s role in the text
  3. how the ideas in the text are presented.

There will be questions about other aspects of the text but we will start with character and theme. For instance, if you chose to answer a question on a character’s role in the text you could use Simon if you studied Lord of the Flies. You could discuss:

  • Simon’s part in the plot
  • how Simon is different from the other boys
  • Simon’s strengths and weaknesses
  • the ways in which William Golding uses Simon to convey his ideas.

To write a good answer you need to understand what the question requires.

For each question, go through the brief but vital process of checking that you have understood what it requires you to do. This process has two parts:

  1. Check that you understand what the key words are. You could underline or highlight them.
  2. Put the question in your own words, making sure that you do not distort or change its meaning. A good way to practise this is to imagine that you are explaining it to someone else.

You could use the following prompts:

‘This question is asking me to write about …’

‘In answering this question, I will have to focus on …’


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