What makes a good speaker?

All English students will be taking part in speaking tasks this term – so what makes a good speaker?


Speaking is a fundamental process that people use to express, explore, and learn about ideas. Speaking includes: sharing information, persuading others, expressing and understanding ideas, coordinating activities with others, and selecting and critically analysing messages. Contexts of this communication include one-on-one opportunties such as job interviews, small group interactions, large audiences and meetings, and interactions with broadcast media.

Good Speakers…

  • Consider audience and variables in the speaking situation
  • Produce a coherent message
  • Participate in a variety of communication situations
  • Use appropriate content and conventions for purpose, audience, occasion, and context
  • Demonstrate control of delivery skills
  • Participate appropriately in one-on-one situations and group settings
  • Recognise the role of evaluation in oral communication
  • Recognise the role of response in oral communication

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