Who’s Who in Romeo and Juliet


• Romeo is a Montague. He falls in love with Juliet and proceeds to marry her. He is a tragic character. He is characterised as hasty and emotional. He is young.

• Juliet – She is a Capulet. She falls in love with Romeo. She believes marriage should be for love. She is also characterised as hasty. She is young.

• Lord Capulet – He is Juliet’s father. He is strict, harsh, not understanding. He wants her to marry Paris.

• Lady Montague – She is Romeo’s mother. She is very busy and strict.

• Lord Montague – He is Romeo’ father. He is stubborn and not willing to forgive.

• Paris – He is kinsman of Prince. He cares about Juliet and wishes to marry her.

• Prince Escalus – He is Prince of Verona. He wants to call a truce and end the family feud.

• Friar Lawrence – He is the Priest in Verona. He weds Romeo and Juliet hoping it will unite both families. Instead it causes fighting. He later gives Juliet sleeping potion. He helps Romeo out.

• The Nurse – She cared for Juliet during childhood. She wants Juliet to be happy. She is very talkative.

• Mercutio – He is a good friend of Romeo.

• Balthasar – He is a servant and a friend of Romeo.

• Benvolio – He is a friend of Romeo.

• Tybalt – He is a nephew of Lady Capulet. He has a bad temper.


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