Becky is the great catalyst in the film.  We don’t know much about her but we do pick up is that she has come from a broken home and drifted around.  It seems she hasn’t had it easy so in this respect, she is like Gilbert.  Becky differs from him in her reaction to her suffering.  She has managed to remain optimistic and proactive.  Becky is a free spirit who is able to find inner peace wherever she is.

Becky has been able to rescue her Grandma from a state of apathy.  We know that she is quite a spiritual person – her remarks about beauty and the size of the sky show us that.  Unlike Betty Carver, she is together and at peace.  Becky has wisdom beyond her years.  She knows that Gilbert is a good person, even when he doesn’t even understand that himself.  She is active, honest and direct.  Becky is able to form strong, positive relationships.  She shows Gilbert what he needs to learn about being fully alive, so that he can move beyond his initial condition into a new phase of contentment and adjustment.


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