Key Tips for Formal Writing

I recommend the Studyit site all the time but I don’t know how many of you have checked it out. It has lots of useful material on it – for instance have a look at these key tips for Level One Formal Writing:

* Use examples of formal writing to model your work on.

* Understand the focus of the task and who you are writing for by underlining the keywords.

* Plan your time wisely – don’t spend all your time deciding on a topic. See Choosing a question

* Write about something you are familiar with and have an opinion about.

* Plan your writing carefully so it has a clear introduction, middle, and conclusion.

* Indicate a new paragraph by leaving a blank line or indenting the first line of the new paragraph.

* Have a series of 4–5 paragraphs discussing the main point. Use a clear structure for each paragraph of your essay.

* Include and incorporate reliable statistics, facts, examples, and opinions.

* Use formal language and tone throughout.

* Use a wide range of vocabulary and language features accurately and appropriately.

* Use rhetorical questions and/or minor sentences as a special feature rather than in every paragraph.

* Read your writing ‘aloud in your head’ at least once. Listen for any weak or inappropriate words, informal language, run-on sentences, or punctuation errors.

* You will not be allowed to use a dictionary in the examination so use words you know how to spell.

* Check that you have used the correct spelling of a word that may sound like another (there/their/they’re, here/hear/hare).

* Check each new sentence starts with a capital letter.

* Read from a range media such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio to keep up to date with current issues and opinions to help your writing.


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