How to write a formal essay at Years 9 and 10

In the junior exams Year 9 and 10 students will have to write a formal essay. I know your teachers have given you guidance on how to write a formal essay but I have put a few points below to help you revise. It is important to follow the steps in the writing process to produce a good piece of writing. The writing process is as follows –

1. Understand the task

In the exam you will write a letter to the editor. Note the keywords on the topic that you choose. Remember that you need to write in a formal way and present ideas supported by an explanation and example.

2. Brainstorm ideas

Start by jotting down any ideas which come into your head about the topic (brainstorming). Then you can think about which ideas are most important, which will fit together and which can be thrown out.

3. Organise ideas

Write your plan. This should be a series of headings and key words to remind you of what should be in each paragraph. You should refer to your plan as you write to make sure you have not gone off the topic.

4. Write the essay

Remember the SEXY planner you used in your CATS? You will try to do that in the exam and write a 5 paragraph essay.

5. Edit and proofread

As you write, you need to remember paragraphs, punctuation and spelling. These are essential for good writing and to achieve in this task.


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