How to get excellence

At the moment many of you in Year 11 are discussing (read moaning about!) the Formal Writing paper. You want to know how to raise your grades.

So what do you need to get an excellence?

I have added the key points below –
  • You ideas have to be convincing (that means relevant, credible, persuasive or innovative).
  • Your writing style may show flair and originality that commands attention (in a good way!)
  • You show a distinctive personal style: that could mean an inventive use of language, a wide range of diction, innovative syntax. Follow the links to revise what those terms mean.
  • Your essay structure is clear and effective – more than just a beginning, middle and end.
  • Your essay may be unconventional for effect – ask your teacher for examples.
  • Accurate (suitable for publication with minor editing). So not too many errors!

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