Production Techniques for the Visual Texts

Some of you want further clarification about production techniques. In the visual text questions they are discussed at levels 1-3. Here is an example of a question from level one:

Describe at least ONE important idea in the text. Explain how the director used at least ONE of the following to show you that the idea was important. Support your points with specific details from the text.

Camera-work, Colour,  Special effects, Narrative point-of-view, Lighting,  Music, Editing, Costumes, Dialogue, Structure,  Props,  Sound effects

Production techniques are the features used to make the film interesting and unique. Techniques may include: music, dialogue, lighting, colour, special effects, soundtrack and camera work. By looking at the production techniques closely you will gain a better understanding of how the text has been produced in order to present the themes, characters, settings, and plot.

For information to help Year 11, 12 and 13 students read more here.

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