Clive Owen Trivia

Want to know more about the Children of Men star? Here’s some trivia:

Was named Empire Magazines #25 in the list of 100 Sexiest Stars(2007)

In an interview with the Daily Express, admitted to being terrified of badgers.

Began acting at age 13.

When Clive’s Beyond Borders (2003) co-star Angelina Jolie told him he looked sexy, she says, he “fell over laughing.

Clive is a huge David Bowie biggest musical influence on my life.” He says, “I don’t know why, but no one else has ever had such an effect on me. I didn’t have most of his work. I had everything.” In the 70s, when Bowie was changing his appearance and style with every album, Owen would re-dye his hair whatever colour Bowie’s was at the time.

He turned down the role of James Bond saying “For me, Sean Connery is the real James Bond”, and starred in Children Of Men instead.


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