The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a page that explores the Nazis’ sophisticated propaganda campaigns and their legacy. Propaganda is biased information designed to shape public opinion and behaviour. The site has a timeline of events and a fascinating gallery of propaganda posters and other images. The exhibit also explores the themes associated with the propaganda.

The museum looks at how intense public desire for charismatic leaders offers fertile ground for the use of propaganda. Through a carefully orchestrated public image of Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, during the politically unstable Weimar period the Nazis exploited this yearning to consolidate power and foster national unity. Nazi propaganda facilitated the rapid rise of the Nazi Party to political prominence. Election campaign materials from the 1920s and early 1930s, compelling visual materials, and controlled public appearances coalesced to create a “cult of the Führer” (leader) around Hitler. His fame grew via speeches at rallies, parades, and on the radio. Nazi propagandists cast Hitler as a military leader, a father figure, and a messianic leader brought to redeem Germany.

You will find the exhibit here.


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