The 10 best long tracking shots

On True/Slant there is a post by Mike Harvey –  ‘The 10 best long tracking shots ever filmed‘. The list includes the car scene from Cuaron’s Children of Men. Here’s what Harvey has to say:

Alfonso Cuarón, Children of Men, 2006.

A warning: this one’s bloody too. Cuarón actually filled this movie with some amazing, and deceptively simple, sequences. It could be argued that this shot may not really fit into the “tracking shot” category, because the camera is in the car and the car is the thing in motion, for the most part. But the complexity of this shot is just amazing (and the complexity of the rig they built to shoot it is insane). The camera was on a track running down the middle of the vehicle; sometimes it’s in the front seat, sometimes the back. It films in 360 degrees, and sometimes when an actor wasn’t on camera, they had to lean out of the way. Now, that’s acting! It’s a hellishly gripping sequence (as are many other sequences in the film), with some of the trickiest choreography yet (and visual effects; the motorcycle was added in post-production). It also has the best ending of probably any of these shots. The master himself, Mr. Welles, always said, “Have a reason for the cut,” and Cuarón gives us a great and, again, simple one. It’s flawless.

Read the whole post here.


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