The Truman Show knol

A knol is a unit of knowledge and in this one by Daniel Malewitz there is a sociological perspective of the film.

The Truman Show is a powerful movie about the effects of society on an individual. This film stars Jim Carey and is set in modern times. The premise of the movie is a massive sociological and psychological experiment involving a man named Truman Burbank. His character is born and raised on an enormous set in which the story takes place. His every action since birth has been recorded. Everything that Truman does has been conditioned to him throughout his life. This is much like societies today, only Truman’s was strictly controlled. All of his culture and norms where taught to him based on the ideal society. His social location is even decided for him. He is a white male insurance salesman. The interesting twist is that his life is broadcast on television to countries all over the world. This movie has numerous sociological concepts that are played out throughout the movie. The Truman Show explores how we tend to accept the reality in which we are in, how we are all products of our own society, and other sociological perspectives.

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