Truman’s Journey: Part Two – Challenge

In the ‘challenge’ section of the film we learn more about Truman’s past. We see in a flashback that Truman was very attracted to Lauren (Sylvia) but that Meryl is always around to pull him away. When Truman is finally able to speak to Lauren alone in the library they decide to go to the beach. She manages to tell him, “everyone knows everything you do” but Truman doesn’t understand. Before Lauren can make things clear she is whisked away by her ‘father’ who tells Truman that she is mentally ill. Truman is told that Lauren is going to Fiji.

When we see Truman in the present he begins to challenge his environment. More and more clues indicate that all is not right in Seahaven. Truman even stops traffic at one point and this is a challenge that the production crew and actors are unable to respond to well. Truman is becoming increasingly paranoid and others attempts to manipulate him are not working.

Truman confides in Marlon and tries to talk to Meryl. Meryl won’t listen and tells him that she has to go to the hospital but Truman follows her. He comes very close to catching her and the show’s makers out.


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