Truman’s Journey: Part Three – Escape

This is the final post about the three stages of Truman’s journey. In the escape section of the film Truman goes to a travel agent to book a flight to Fiji. As usual the travel agent blocks his plan but Truman won’t be deterred. He takes Meryl with him and tries to drive out of Seahaven. Obstacles are thrown in his way and he is finally stopped by a staged nuclear emergency.

Meryl tries to tell Truman that he is not well but Truman isn’t buying it. He questions her about whether she is in on it. Meryl snaps and drops out of character. She cries out – “How can anyone expect me to carry on under these conditions? It’s unprofessional!” Christof continues to try and manipulate Truman in every way he can. Truman is paranoid and he won’t believe the lies anymore. We see footage of interviews with Christof and see how viewers are reacting. Sylvia calls during a live interview and tells Christof that he is a “liar and a manipulator”. Christof responds that he gave Truman, “a chance to live a normal life.”

Truman outwits the production team and escapes – by boat! Christof is still in control and he does all he can to stop Truman. He tells Truman that he can’t leave and that ” you belong here … with me”. Truman does not agree and he leaves his old world for good.


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