Retail tricks target shoppers

The Truman Show has made us aware of how advertisers manipulate people into buying products and there is an interesting article on Stuff that explores the tricks retailers use to target shoppers. The power of advertising in our world is also something we will look at in our formal writing preparation. Here’s an extract from the article.

Ever popped down to the shops for milk and bread only to return hours later with a trolley full of things you didn’t need or even knew you wanted?

As it turns out, it’s not your fault. You, like most shoppers, have been the victim of subliminal retail warfare.

Every time we set foot in a shopping mall or supermarket we are targeted by a highly sophisticated campaign to manipulate our spending habits.

Techniques range from tweaking product displays – known in the industry as “shelf psychology” – to tinkering with the lighting and pumping inviting fragrances through stores. There’s even a tactic called audio-branding, which creates music designed to induce you to open your wallet.

Read the rest here.


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