The Truman Show – a review

I found an interesting review of the film here and I think you will find it a useful read. I have added a little below:

…The film’s story is essentially simple – Truman discovers the maze and struggles to solve it and take his place in the real world. Will he ultimately find freedom, or be crushed in an environment where every element – even the weather – conspires to contain him? Weir uses many striking visuals to dramatise the concept. The population of Seahaven wait motionless early in the morning, awaiting Truman’s entry like the robots from “Westworld”. The townspeople, discovering that Truman is missing, link arms and sweep the entire town to flush him out and continue the show (a truly creepy and terrific sequence).

The figurehead of Truman’s stolen boat, a golden eagle, thrusts out above the water as he pilots it out into the unknown. Christof tenderly stroking a huge video image of Truman as he lies asleep. The latter image brings another dimension to the creator/creation conflict. We are clearly encourged to think of humanity and God in conflict (as a last resort, “Christ”-of broadcasts to Truman directly, his voice booming down from a dawn-lit sky), yet on another level, we can see creator/creation in less philosophical terms as a parent-child conflict, with the central theme as maturity, forming one’s own perspective through a partial rejection of the imparted parental world. Christof can be seen as the ultimate overprotective parent, literally creating for his surrogate son an entire world safe from the (ironically) lies and pain of the real world…

Read the rest here.


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