A conversation with Alfonso Cuaron

If you are revising Children of Men or researching Alfonso Cuaron you may find this filmcritic interview interesting. Here’s a little:

filmcritic.com: What do you think was the cause of the infertility crippling the planet in Children of Men?

Alfonso Cuarón: In a way, I didn’t care that much about the infertility. For me, it was just a metaphor for the failing sense of hope. I didn’t go into the film wanting to make a science-fiction film. I didn’t want to make a movie about the future. What I was trying to make a comment about was the present. Michael Caine’s character makes a joke about (the infertility), and the juxtaposition of it is that nobody knows the cause. Somebody blames genetic experiments. Another person blames the environment. Some think it’s just nature reversing itself. Like anything in nature and life, it’s really a combination of everything.

Read the rest here.


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