Booze: Time for stronger measures

Another discussion about changes to our drinking laws and out booze culture. This article is from The Sunday Star Times and it may be helpful for your research and formal writing preparation.

The government’s liquor reforms, to be officially launched tomorrow, will not put an end to the arguments about New Zealand’s heavy-drinking culture. Anthony Hubbard reports.

THE GOVERNMENT wants to make a big splash tomorrow with its liquor package. Stung by the backlash over its refusal to lower blood-alcohol limits, it will promote itself as determined to tackle a wide range of alcohol problems.

In particular, it will say it is carrying out many of the reforms recommended by the Law Commission in its major report this year. But the government’s package ignores some of the commission’s most far-reaching proposals, such as increasing alcohol taxes and moving towards drastic restrictions on advertising and sponsorship.

The government proposes to lift the age at which you can buy liquor at a supermarket or bottle store from 18 to 20, while allowing 18-year-olds to continue to drink in pubs and bars. This waters down the commission’s recommendation to raise both ages to 20.

Read the rest here.


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