Formal Writing Due Today!

How much of the requested formal writing have I had in?


That will change today. Choose one of the following topics and hand in to me today by the end of period three.

Resistance is futile.

Imagine that you are writing to the editor of your local newspaper. Your letter, which will be published in the newspaper, should explain young people’s views on ONE topic chosen from the list below. You may present more than one viewpoint, or you may focus on one particular point of view. You may argue for or against the topic.

1. Students are not given enough responsibility at school.

2. Being an individual is more important than being popular.

3. Professional sport is too focused on making money.

4. Parents should do more to keep teenagers healthy.

5. New Zealanders are not prepared to work hard in order to be successful.

6. Celebrities make good role models.

7. Experimenting on animals to improve life for humans is a good thing.

8. Mobile phones control people’s lives.


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