The book that changed my life – Kalum

Kalum has chosen to write a book that has influenced his life:

I have read many books throughout my life that have changed my look on the world and how I go about life. The biggest example of these is the Holy Bible. Being brought up in a Christian home I was introduced to this book at a very early age and it has changed many things in me. But it has only started to actually change my life in recent times. When I was young and went to Sunday school they were just stories and I didn’t really recognize the morals in them. But just recently I have begun to realize the depth and meaning these ‘stories’ actually have. For example when I was younger my parents always told me that Christmas was about giving and not about taking. On Christmas day we didn’t celebrate presents and Santa Claus but celebrated it as Jesus’ birthday. This taught me to be happy with what I got on Christmas as it wasn’t actually my day but someone elses.

The Bible emphasized the importance of things like good friendships, love, to be right, just and to be truthful to one’s self.


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