The Cherub Series

The Cherub series is a tremendously exciting set of books written by Robert Muchamore who has, through his writing been responsible for bringing many reluctant readers into reading.

CHERUB is a branch of British Intelligence. Cherubs are trained professionals, aged between ten and seventeen. They live on CHERUB campus, a secret facility hidden in the English countryside. For official purposes, these children do not exist. There are about 300 children, mostly orphans on the CHERUB campus all training to become CHERUB agents. They are ranked according to the colour of T shirts they wear on campus. Lauren and James are brother and sister and are two of the leading CHERUB agents and have recently been awarded the Black T shirt in recognition of outstanding achievement over a number of missions.

Here are some comments from Liam, Iain and Nadine about the books –

Iain – Why I like Cherub:

When I was a kid I sat at home with not a lot to do… TILL I FOUND CHERUB!!!!! Cherub was the first book I read that kept me engrossed. It is a story about little spy kids and to a kid of my age I was absolutely thrilled. It gave me something to do as I went through book to book the books in the series – The Recruit, Class A, Maximum Security, The Killing, Divine Madness, Man vs Beast, The Fall, Mad Dogs, The Sleep Walker, Dark Sun, The General, Brigands M C and Shadow Wave. Robert Muchamore writes in a different style to most authors and this makes his books such page turners that my mum almost regrets buying me them as I sit all day being very unsocial, head in my book for the next week as I read it over and over. Cherub has changed my life as it taught me not to view movies ahead of books as with a book you can create your own images and almost create your own film. Cherub changed my life forever.

Liam and why he likes Cherub –

The novel series that changed my life was the popular “Cherub” by Robert Muchamore. I began started reading the first Cherub Book “The Recruit” when I was 12 years old. There are thirteen novels in this thrilling series and I have since read all of them except for the last one that has just recently been released. This series really opened my eyes to the enjoyment of reading and I began to read them a lot. They were full of action, intensity, thrill and drama and every page had something new for you to discover. As it follows the lives of the Cherub agents around Campus and in top secret missions with usually the main character James and his sister Lauren. Every book became more and more interesting and you just wanted to read more.

Nadine is also a fan and she tells us why –

I’d have to choose the “Cherub” Series by Robert Muchamore. I read the first book of the series “Cherub” in 2006. It was my first week in secondary school, and our English assignment in class was to do an essay on the book. In those days I was not into books, I was more of an adventure girl. And in my perspective, books where a waste of time. That soon changed. After two terms of the class reading the book, I paid attention and I realized that I had two days to finish the assignment. Worst of all I hadn’t read the book!! After school finished that day I rushed home, went to the library and loaned “Cherub” out. I sat down on the couch at home and gave my full attention to the book. The first chapter had to be the worst torture I had put myself through. I couldn’t be bothered. Then a dramatic change happened in the book, and I found myself reading through the night imagining that I am the main character, James’ sister, Lauren. Through nine hours I read a whole book, and completed the accompanying assignment in one period at school the next day. After I had handed in the assignment, I got my parents to buy me the whole series and proceeded to read the rest of them. Robert Muchamore opened my eyes to the view of using your imagination. The link between my hobbies and the events in the book gave me sight into whom and what I wanted to be and that perspective hasn’t changed. I have read the whole series three times and I am eagerly awaiting the newest book “Shadow Wave” to appear in stores.


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