The Dark Side of Young Adult Fiction

The huge success of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games trilogy shows the interest young readers have in exploring dark and dangerous worlds. Often these post -apocalyptic worlds remind readers of problems in our present times. So why does this appeal so much to teenagers?

Paolo Bacigalupi the author of Ship Breaker believes “that young adults crave stories of broken futures because they themselves are uneasily aware that their world is falling apart”. He states that “we might pummel them with advertising that says they should buy a new iPod, or Xbox, or Droid XYZ, and that everything in the world is shiny and delightful – but whether we’re looking at the loss of biodiversity, or the depletion of cheap and easily accessible energy, or the hazards of global warming, our children will inherit a world significantly depleted and damaged in comparison to the one our parents handed down to us. And they know it”.

Read about Ship Breaker here.


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