Julia on a film she loves – ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’

Some great comments on films you love. Here is Julia’s discussion of one of her favourites:

Just like chocolate mud cake, Backstreet Boys’ Greatest Hits and sleeping in ‘til lunchtime on the weekends, “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging”, the 2008 pashfest from director Gurinder Chadha is unquestionably a guilty pleasure. The movie makes no qualms about this; it does not pretend to be anything of more substance. Truth be told, it is dancing on the grave of any film which would aspire to taken as a serious contribution to the “teen coming-of-age genre”, with it’s knickers on it’s head, screaming small-town colloquialisms.

Which is precisely why I love it.

The cringe-worthy opening depicts Georgia Nicolson, inadvertently shaving off an eyebrow, freeing her cat, Angus, from the fridge, and in frustration declaring “Today is the first day of my life as the NEW Georgia.”

The life of the new Georgia is soon to be complicated however, by the arrival of some “quality lushness” – twin brothers from London. Georgia must entrance her Sex God of choice, Robbie (Aaron Johnson), out of the clutches of the coquettish and overbearing “Slaggy Lindsay”, who wears Bazooma enhancers and a thong, imported from Lindsay’s homeland, Vulgaria.

Said entrancement, of course, is no easy feat for a girl of fourteen, with a nose the size of Jupiter, parents (comedians Alan Davies and Karen Taylor) from “well beyond the valley of the bonkers”, whose marriage is in danger after her father is transferred to New Zealand, and a little sister who thinks she is part cat. Of course with some scheming help from her Ace Gang (Eleanor Tomlinson, Georgia Henshaw and Manjeeven Grewal), some snogging lessons, and of course the Angus Advantage, Georgia manages to charm the socks off of her Sex God, and pull off a legendary fifteenth birthday party, simultaneously managing to convince her father’s company to transfer him back home.

Slathered in cheesey predictability this film may be, but this in no way diminishes my enjoyment of it, even through to the ninth and tenth viewings. This film puts on no airs; and delights in it’s own sense of naïveté, which, taken at face value certainly provides plenty of laughs; with the multitude of creative one-liners sprung from the linguistic deviations of Georgia and her friends. Equally satisfying is the generous helping of moments which make you wince and squirm, and outstanding example of which being the 9 inch long string of saliva swinging between the mouths of Georgia and Peter Dyer (Liam Hess) at the end of their snogging lesson.

This young cast delivers a plethora of entertaining moments which Chadha enhances with vibrant cinematography, her stellar assortment of British acts in the soundtrack, and a plot with aspects relatable to both people young and once were young. For me, this eccentric little film will always be “double cool with knobs on.”

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