Parental Control

Over Terms Two and Three, 20 issues of The College Herald will be published each Tuesday. In each issue, approximately 20 pieces of students work will be published. In all, 400 students will feature, so you have an excellent chance of getting published, getting your message out there and winning one of the prizes.

Every week, The College Herald will focus on a Weekly Theme. Five pieces of work will be published each week under the Weekly Theme category. Students can address one of these themes, or all of them, in any way they feel is appropriate.

They’re looking for all kinds of work, written and visual, from secondary students.

Written work can be in the form of modified essays or essay excerpts, feature writing, creative pieces, articles, reviews, poems, letters, interviews or investigative journalism.

Graphic and visual work includes artwork, photography, cartoons and illustrations.

Week One

Publication date: May 10

Deadline for submission to reach The New Zealand Herald: April 19

Raising children is one of the most important and demanding jobs we’ll ever have but there’s often little training for it. The first five years of a child’s life largely determines their physical, social and intellectual development. The teenage years can be the most testing for both children and parents as values are challenged and boundaries tested.

• How would you describe the way you were raised? What worked well for you and your parents and what was less successful? Has your relationship changed as you’ve got older?

• What advice would you give to parents to help them raise well-balanced children? What is the best advice your parents have ever given you? Did you recognise the value of that advice at the time?

• Should more be done to prepare people for parenthood? Some people have suggested parents should have to get a licence. If that were the case, what should it entail?

• New Zealand has a problem with child abuse. What are your feelings about this? What could be done to address this?

Suggestions: Create a parenting licence. Talk to your parents or grandparents about how they were raised. Take a photo that reflects your ideas about good parenting.


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