Global Warming

Here’s what Nicki has to say:

Did you know that by driving to school or work everyday you are slowly killing the world? For every litre of gas used about 2.4kg of CO2 is pumped into the air. We can easily decrease this by walking, biking, talking public transport, such as buses and trains or car-pooling but a lot of the time we choose not to, so year after year we are releasing over 900 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We can do so many simple things to slow down global warming; some that some people didn’t even know made a difference like double glazing your windows, buying fresh foods instead of frozen, or even just changing your lightbulbs.

The government can try to help but when it comes down to it they can’t really ban cars and other vehicles to stop the emissions or cover your pots for you when you’re cooking to save energy. We have to make the change. We have to decide whether we’re going to bike, car-pool, bus or just add to the 900 million tonnes.

Although New Zealand is a small country we still need to do our part to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Everyone can help contribute by simply recycling their papers and bottles or eating less meat. We should worry about the carbon footprint in New Zealand because global warming won’t just affect the places that cause all the green house gases, it will affect everyone.

At home we can grow things like fruit trees and berry buses, vegetable gardens and herbs so we eat locally and don’t have to worry about food miles. We can buy energy efficient appliances that use less energy to run meaning lower fossil fuels used, also turning off and unplugging things when they are not in use. We can make a difference!

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