The Girl on Fire

We have discussed in class that Panem is a reference to bread and circuses and reflects that seemingly universal need people have for entertainment that distracts them from life’s harsher realities. It makes us wonder why do we have such a fascination with violence? What is the allure? Katniss knows that to survive she will have to give the audience what they want. She manipulates the viewers by pretending to love Peeta to get the food and medicine they need.  We learn through the novel that appearances are not only important but they can be deceiving. Cinna links Peeta and Katniss together in the minds of the audience when he gets them to hold hands. Katniss is able to gain attention because of Cinna’s incredible costumes. Dressing up is not something Katniss enjoys but she knows that she needs to be so compelling that the viewers focus is on her. We also realise that Katniss and Peeta appearing to be in love is something that will save their lives.

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