Gattaca: A Fully Imagined Future

A very interesting film review from Janet Maslin:

Imagine an Orwellian story presented with a cool, eerie precision like Peter Greenaway’s and you have some sense of “Gattaca,” a handsome and fully imagined work of cautionary futuristic fiction. Its subject is bigotry, though the races and sexes appear to enjoy equal freedom, which is to say not much. The film’s world revolves around strict conformity at places like the Gattaca Corp., where employees wear somber uniforms and stern, serious expressions — except for one man with a discreetly worried look: Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke), Gattaca’s house imposter.


Vincent has already tried conventional means of working his way to the top at Gattaca, but in his case a janitor’s job is the limit. That is because Vincent came into the world in what is now the conventional manner but could, in an age of genetic engineering, become obsolete. The film envisions a culture of unapologetic discrimination, with genetically Valid individuals spared defects like baldness, alcoholism and attention-deficit disorder and given great privilege.

Read the rest here.

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