Revising Cuckoo’s – McMurphy’s weapons in the battle with Big Nurse

So what are McMurphy’s weapons in his battle with Nurse Ratched? Increasing in importance they are:


  1. Physical force – this culminates in smashing the glass and his physical attack on Ratched (but remember this had little effect on the Combine).
  2. He rips Ratched’s uniform and reveals her breasts, those “mistakes” in “manufacturing” thereby showing that she is vulnerable like everyone else.
  3. His independence of mind – even after his disappearance his “presence still tromping up and down the halls and laughing out loud in the meetings and singing in the latrines”.


As a result, Ratched loses her patients one by one. McMurphy has the final victory – as Bromden says, “She couldn’t rule with her old power anymore.”


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