Check out tomorrow’s Sunday Theatre at 8.30pm on TV ONE.

It’s 1908, and Katie Beauchamp (Kate Elliot, Shortland Street) is bored out of her mind in New Zealand. She’s desperate to leave home, and has a burning ambition to be a writer. Her parents’ bitter opposition can’t stop her – at the age of 19, she arrives in London with a small allowance and big dreams.

The next year of her life will change everything. In one year, Katie Beauchamp becomes Katherine Mansfield, and out of first love, disgrace and heartbreak, she forges the stories that will begin her career as a writer.

One hundred years later, Katherine Mansfield is still New Zealand’s most famous writer. Sunday Theatre – The Audi New Zealand Season: Bliss is the story of her brave, scandalous and triumphant beginning.

Written and directed by Fiona Samuel (Piece Of My Heart) Bliss also stars Sarah Peirse (Heavenly Creatures), Peter Elliott (Crime Queen: Dame Ngaio Marsh), Tandi Wright ( Nothing Trivial) and Ian Hughes ( Shortland Street).


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