Why The Hunger Games is way better than Twilight

Here’s some thoughts from i09 on why they think The Hunger Games is way better than Twilight. Here’s a little:

Next year, The Hunger Games movie series begins and the Twilight movies end. It’s sort of a passing of the tween torch, from vampire angst to post-apocalyptic deathmatches. And no doubt, Hunger Games will be hoping to capitalize on the Twilight audience.

But the truth is, Hunger Games is light years better than Twilight. And let’s hope that Suzanne Collins’ dystopian saga becomes more popular on screen than Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance. Here are all the reasons why Hunger Games fills Twilight full of arrows and then lights it on fire.

In case you’ve missed both books, here’s a quick synopsis. In Twilight, vampires and werewolves are real, and a girl named Bella falls in love with a mysterious vampire, eventually marrying him and bearing his half-vampire baby. In The Hunger Games, it’s a horrible oppressive future and the evil government forces people in the “Districts” to send two young people as “Tributes” to compete in an arena of death, to remind them of the costs of rebellion. A young girl named Katniss fights in the Hunger Games and eventually becomes a symbol of defiance.

Go here for a break down of the differences. Do you agree?


One thought on “Why The Hunger Games is way better than Twilight

  1. Like comparison on Twilight and Hunger Game.. Right now, I am reading Twilight ..Hunger Games looks promising to me.. Eager to read Hunger Game 🙂

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