The Hunger Games Film

It’s here but is it any good?

Well, it seems it is. Lots of positive reviews out there and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss has been singled out for attention.

The NZ Herald said of her performance, “Lawrence’s strong, moving and nuanced performance centres the film, and even when she’s forced to commit violent acts she retains our sympathy. Best of all though, she keeps the story moving forward as the more you think about her actions, the less certain you are about her motivations”.

Jonathan Kim at The Huffington Post felt that, “The Hunger Games is steeped in the languages of reality television and instant celebrity, which young people speak fluently. When the games finally begin in a simulated forest, they’re remarkably brutal, especially for a PG-13 film, but I’m sure kids growing up today are sadly familiar with the cruelty teenagers and their cliques are capable of”.

Philip French at The Observer gave some interesting background to the novels to catch up anyone who hadn’t read the books, “This totalitarian state is modelled in part on imperial Rome, and teenagers are chosen by lot from the nation’s most deprived youth to take part in televised gladiatorial encounters that end in death for all but one contestant. The privileged citizens in the capital have Roman names (eg Cinna, Seneca, Cato, Caesar) and dress like characters in Alice in Wonderland, while the downtrodden people in the outlands have folksy rural names. The combative heroine has the Hardyesque moniker of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), and District 12, which she represents, resembles a coalmining town in the Appalachians from the 1930s”.

Over at Sarah Watt gave the film 4 stars and said, “The story’s Orwellian conceit is ideal for cinematic interpretation, and it is exciting to see the rendering of the book’s extreme poverty versus opulence and over-stylised costuming. The dizzying hand-held camerawork is initially a bit overbearing, but certainly sets the discomforting scene”.

I think my appetite has been suitably whetted!


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