Hunger Games novels join most complained about titles in US

The Guardian reports that Suzanne Collins’s young adult trilogy near top of US list of ‘frequently challenged’ books in 2011.

Suzanne Collins has sold more than 23 million copies of her young adult trilogy The Hunger Games, while the film adaptation of her story of a dystopian future is smashing records at the box office. Now the American author can add a new accolade to her collection: the trilogy of books were some of the most complained-about titles in the US last year, with readers upset at the violence, offensive language and “anti-family” sentiments portrayed in the novels. These qualities place it alongside the “racism’ and “offensive language” of To Kill a Mockingbird and the “insensitivity” and “nudity” found in Brave New World.

The Hunger Games trilogy, which traces the adventures of Katniss Everdeen as she fights her fellow teenagers for survival in a huge arena, takes third place in the American Library Association’s list of the books readers tried hardest to ban last year. Reasons given for the complaints ranging from protests at Collins’ “anti-ethnic” viewpoint to her “insensitivity” and “occult/satanic” perspective.

Read the rest here.


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