Suzanne Collins: Hunger Games author who found rich pickings in dystopia


The Guardian has a piece on Hunger Games writer Suzanne Collins:

There are many bestselling children’s authors but only rarely do any come along who break through into the universal cultural consciousness. CS Lewis did it, as did Roald Dahl and JK Rowling. Now along comes Suzanne Collins, a 49-year-old from Connecticut, in the US, with The Hunger Games trilogy.

It’s too early to know how durable this series will prove, but the signs so far are good. It has spent more than 100 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The film has made converts of even the most curmudgeonly critics, grossing more than $531m (£327m) worldwide in its first four weeks. More than 1m copies of the books are now in print in the UK, and last month Amazon announced that Collins had become the bestselling Kindle author so far.

The woman behind the phenomenon is a bit of a mystery. Collins wrote for children’s TV before turning to novels. She co-wrote the screenplay of The Hunger Games and is married to a TV actor – so knows a bit about the media circus – but she doesn’t do publicity, hasn’t even met her UK publishers, and seemed to tread the red carpet reluctantly at the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

On her website, she is photographed in Central Park in New York, nose to snout with a toy rat, her long hair flowing witchily around her. “If you’ve read my fantasy series, The Underland Chronicles, you will have a clue as to why I chose this photo,” she writes, offering no help to any visiting Hunger Games fan who had imagined her refulgent in a flaming robe.

Read the rest here.


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