Trash, the movie

collage trash

Richard Curtis, has adapted Andy Mulligan’s novel Trash into a screenplay. The filming took place in Brazil, not the Philippines, so that is an interesting choice. However, Mulligan did not name Manila as the setting in the book. Stephen Daldry is the director and the most well-known stars are Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara. The film will be out in May.

To create the dump setting, a gravel mine was turned into huge artificial landfill. The filmmakers didn’t use a real rubbish dump as they needed to protect the cast and crew from getting sick. The filmmakers used tonnes of recyclable material, including car bodies, to build the dump. As Mulligan’s book said that the slum was over a lake, the crew had to fill up a huge lake they dug themselves. They added fish to the fake lake to lower the numbers of mosquitos. Dogs even turned up and made the fake dump their home! To attract vultures animal bodies were put on top of the rubbish mountain. The crew also used rats and cockroaches when they filmed the scenes at Rat’s home. Eww!


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