Learning from the rain, the lights and other things


Great to read Shelby’s story in the ODT today.

Here is a sample if you didn’t see it, read the rest here. Read more from Cromwell College here and here.

You’re supposed to be able to tell a lot about someone from the way they react to a rainy day or tangled Christmas tree lights.We’ve never had to deal with the lights, but you’re always on edge when it rains; you can’t sit still for long and you keep peeking through the curtains to see if it’s stopped, even though we can still hear it drumming against the roof.

You told me once that when you were little, you would stay up all night when it rained because you couldn’t get to sleep, and I told you that when I was little I thought I could hear the rain singing and little fingers tapping in time on my window, and my mind stopped spinning.


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