Debating is about style, structure, argument, and knowledge and it is an incredibly useful and enjoyable activity. Here at Cromwell College we have reactivated debating in 2014 and we are fielding teams from Year 8 to Year 13.

The seniors went to the Russell McVeagh Regional Championships in Dunedin in Term One and they had a very successful tournament. In Term Two our teams have travelled all over Central Otago to compete. I have added a few photos to show what they got up to. If you want to be part of a debating team talk to me (Ms Cowie) or your English teacher.


On July 2 the senior team (well, Hamish and two Year 10 students – Cameron and Mason) had a great debate against the Dunstan High School senior team. The boys won the debate and Hamish was best speaker.



Rox 3


The photos are of our Year 10 team debating in Roxburgh. They had a good win!




The Year 13 team debating in Dunedin. They had some great debates and even beat the eventual winners in one of the rounds!


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