The book that changed my life – Amber

The first book up today is With lots of love from Georgia and it is Amber’s pick. I haven’t read it but after reading Amber’s thoughts I really want to. If you would like to find out what other readers thought of the book go here.

A book that influenced me was ‘With lots of love from Georgia’ by Brigid Lowry. It is a book about a girl who is by no means normal, and has many self-esteem issues, as do many girls in their teenage years. I first read this book when I was about 11. To me, it is a story of self courage that taught me that it’s better to think outside the box, and to not follow everyone like a sheep, and to make your own way through life. It also covers everything a teenage girl over thinks – love, family, friends, illness, work, but Georgia takes it on in a way that no one else would. It motivated  me to not follow everyone else, and if people don’t accept you for who you are, don’t change for them, because in the end it’s not worth it, and you’re much better off finding friends who accept you at your best and at your worst.


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